Yesterday I drove my daughter and her boyfriend to the train station for a weekend get away.  After they got out of the car and I got stuck in construction traffic I realized I was jealous.  I want to go away, I need a vacation.  When our youngest daughter left for college my husband and I bought ourselves a sporty little empty-nester car.  I think we both pictured our pre-children days of hoping in the car for a weekend and going where the road took us.  But, obligations held us at home.  Leaving on the spur of the moment was difficult with me in charge of my mother’s care.  Paul lost his father, his brother and his mother almost died in a car accident.  All within a 3 year time frame.  Then Paul took a new job, I found some work as a part time teacher with The Scotia-Glenville Children’s Museum. (  Life became a little more structured.  The other day the Museum needed me to list the days I would take for vacation during the summer.  That is when it hit me.  I don’t have anything planned.  What is up with that?  Dropping my daughter off was another wake up call.  As of today, I am going to schedule a vacation.  I will see where the road takes us.


3 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. Hey now, I’m not traveling to Sweetwater for the reunion of the celebration crew if I can’t watch the posey pony, c’mon now!!!!

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