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You can now follow this link and go directly to my authors page to purchase my book, A Slow Slide Into Nothing in paper back and e-book.

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Announcing the arrival of my first book

Dear All,

I am very excited to finally realize my dream; I have finished my first book. Written in the beginning, as a series of essays, that allowed my emotions to escape from the confines of my stressed, weary mind and fall across a page in written word. These words eventually transformed into a memoir about the journey my mother and I were on as she slid into the depths of dementia.

I am PROUD to announce my book A Slow Slide Into Nothing is available for pre-order as an e-book on The actual delivery date will take place on November 8, 2014.  Just log onto Amazon and either type in my name or the title of the book. A soft cover traditional book will also be available beginning on November 8.

​I truly hope you will take the time to read my book and when you are finished, post a review.

I am asking one more favor; please forward this email to all your friends. My hope is this; my book will make its way into the hands of others who find themselves on their own journey as a caregiver to a loved one with dementia.

Thank You,

Rosemary Christle-Renaud

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Dementia touches so many families.  Whether the diagnosis is Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body or one of the many varied names dementia goes by, it still affects the same.  Memories are lost, loved ones grieve and struggle to face this new reality. My siblings and I were no exception.

Still, out of a family of seven children my mother began calling me for help.  I thought my very capable mother was suffering from depression over the loss of my father a few short years before.  But, the reality of my mother’s condition and consequently my efforts to help her led to years of sadness, family turmoil, laughter and a relationship that took me by surprise. My book begins with my mother’s life story as a member of the greatest generation and expands to include her last years.  It is her story and our story as my mother began and ended her Slow Slide into Nothing.