Come meet me in person at The Northshire Bookstore in Saratoga Springs, NY. July 7, 2015 at 6pm.

I have always enjoyed writing.  As a young girl my sisters and I organized many neighborhood comedy shows which we wrote and performed in.  In high school, English Literature was one of my favorite classes.  Yet, I never considered myself a writer and slowly as my life became more complicated I drifted away.

After several years of marriage, and two almost grown daughters my mother moved in with me and my family. Dealing with this new life, I again felt compelled to write.  I began writing my feelings, putting into written word the frustrations and sorrow I felt as I watched my mother slide into dementia.  Eventually, those writings became essays.  Recently, I have been working on putting all of the essays together into one book.

Over the six years I helped my mother, first living with me, then moving to two different homes where she received much needed assistance.  I have encountered many people living the same dilemmas.  Gradually, I realized my essays and frank discussions of what I went through can be helpful to others.  Hopefully, you will find something on this site that you can take away with you.

From time to time, and because life is more than one dimensional I have also written about other life experiences.  Take some time to peruse this site.  I hope you find enjoyment or comfort.

My book has been published. You can purchase, A Slow Slide Into Nothing, at:


Poseys book cover - Page 001 (1)


10 thoughts on “Home

  1. I am so excited for you Posey. You are a Super Star Sistuh who is one hell of a writer. I am happy that you will finally be able to share your voice with the rest of the world. Your journey with our mom has been a long one! I too believe your stories will help others dealing with the aging of their parents while being a parent. We are the sandwich generation! I look forward to the development of this site!


  2. You are an inspiration, Posey. I look forward to hearing more from the “author.” I especially like the photo on your “Home” page.


  3. Hi Posey,
    You knew me as Tracey Malinowski. I have followed you on Facebook and enjoy your blog very much. We seen to be in the same frame of mind these days with grown children and figuring out what to do in the second part of life. I live in northern New Jersey and wondered where you live. We get to upstate a few times a year. Maybe we are close to your neck of the woods.
    I hope that all is well with you. Now that you have my email address drop me a line there or on face book sometime. I would love to know how close or far we are from each other.
    So sorry to hear about your Mom. She was a very nice woman, I liked her a lot.

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