The Me Bus

Recently I have been boarding the me bus more often.  It is a difficult adventure for most women.  We are not geared or wired to think of ourselves first.  But I have discovered, at least in my life, it is high time I started doing just that.

When you begin boarding the me bus often your family is generally not happy about it.  After all, you have spent most of, either your married life or your children’s lives putting them first.  It is a shock to their systems to suddenly not come first.  But if you have raised your children to also be considerate of others they will eventually come around.  Husbands may take a little more time.

A benefit of riding the me bus is that I now do more of the activities I want to do.  I actually ask myself, What do you want to do?  I realize that of course life can not be totally one sided.  As a person belonging to a family, society and life in general, I can not be totally self absorbed.  But, occasionally it is nice to worry about what I want first, then consider how it will affect others.  So, I encourage others to join me on my bus.  Come on ladies, and Welcome Aboard !


5 thoughts on “The Me Bus

  1. I consider my weekend in Charlotte to be a stop on the me bus. Although at this point in my life it is hard to be completely on the me bus, I promise to ride along from one stop to another.

  2. Ahhh Yes, the ME BUS! I have trying to get on that thing for some time now!!! There are days that I believe I get my toes on….working on getting some time on the ME BUS! It is such an important place to be!

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