Everything I Hold Dear

One day, soon after my mother had passed away, a thought struck me.  I was listening to an interview about the education system in the U.S.  I felt myself think, education is one of the most valuable tools we can give our children.  I thought of this belief as my own, but I realized my mother had said it many times.  Suddenly, it became evident to me, many of my beliefs about life were influenced by my parents.  This came as a shock to me, not because I never realized my parents, or any one’s for that matter, have an influence on your life.  The shock came that I still held fast to so many of those beliefs and had taken them on as my own. Thinking back to conversations with my mother I remembered how her father had influenced her with his thoughts on education.   I struggled with the image of myself, as a 50 something woman,  still a child clinging to her parents beliefs. Did I truly believe these ideals or was I just repeating them?

My conclusion is this.  My beliefs are my own, because I have chosen them as such.  That is not to say, those beliefs are not the same or similar to the ones my parents had.  But, I’m not sure that is a bad thing.  I also realize that I have altered some of my beliefs to fit into life lessons I have learned.  And in the end, isn’t that what parents are supposed to do?  Give you a foundation from which to build your own house? I then realized, with both of my parents dead, I am the one to carry on those beliefs or let them fade.   I am the keeper of our family torch.  One that I hope to keep well lit.


2 thoughts on “Everything I Hold Dear

  1. So true. We as youngsters remember thinking we will never say certain things our parents said to us only finding ourselves repeating them. We are given a foundation by our parents and it is ours to build upon and change for the better hopefully as we become our own adult person.

  2. Your parents are the house that built you! I think many times of how my values are those mid-western values. Old school but many are based on how to be a good person, taking part in helping out, honesty. Not too shabby as a base. Hey, I even passed on the “It’s a two street, baby”, to my kids!

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