Court Date

I have been working on editing my upcoming book, A Slow Slide into Nothing.  Below is an excerpt about an experience Mom and I had together.

    Finally, the day arrived for Mom and me to sit before a judge and for her to explain her concerns.  The small judge’s chamber was filled with lawyers.  There was my lawyer, Mom’s lawyer, the lawyer appointed as her guardian by the courts, the judge and the court recorder.  I was nervous because Mom had been running late when I arrived to pick her up and then was too tired to dress herself.   I ended up having to put her socks and shoes on her.  I had felt rushed, knowing it was my responsibility to get us both before the judge on time.  We sat down; the judge looked at both of us solemnly.


One thought on “Court Date

  1. If an excerpt is like a good piece of pie, the above is more like a crumb! I WANT MORE! Great tease…I must read the whole thing!

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