This weekend I am missing my high school reunion in Wabash, Indiana.  It would have been nice to go, but the cards just didn’t play out.  Reunions often remind me of a few lines from the movie The Big Chill.

“Wrong, a long time ago we knew each other for a short period of time; you don’t know anything about me. It was easy back then. No one had a cushier berth than we did. It’s not surprising our friendship could survive that. It’s only out there in the real world that it gets tough.”

That thought stayed with me.  For many years I pondered it.  My final conclusion, the lines do contain some truth, but the idea behind the lines, that we take nothing from those short friendships, is wrong.  I grew up in Wabash, a place I lived until I left for college.  My family, my friends, the circumstances of what took place while I lived there, that town formed the basis of who I am today.  True, I did only know some of those people a short time.  But, I believe even short meetings with a person serve a purpose.  We learn from each other, the learning experience can be good or it can be negative.  But, we still hopefully, learn from it.

As in my case I moved on.  The friends I knew in high school, I truly do not know anymore.  I do know their memories and the laughs and fun we had.  I do remember the angst of those teenage years.  All memories that contributed to the adult I grew into.

Life is a journey we travel.  I have journeyed far from my small town of birth.  I have traveled through college, and young adulthood; marriage, and babies that grew to toddlers, troublesome teenagers and finally amazing adults.  I have looked back on lessons I learned from my parents that took the years of my own children to realize.  I have made many friends and kept only a few for life.  Some people come into our lives for a short while and we should not regret when it is time to move from that friendship, its purpose being served.  Still, we can hold fast to the memories.

So, this weekend I will be thinking of my friends from my childhood and teen years.  I wish them all well.  I hope they have attained happiness and contentment in their lives, as I have.


4 thoughts on “Reunion

  1. Nice……but some of your old friends would like to hold onto you and be at least a small part of your now…….I think it would make the now even richer.

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