Yesterday afternoon I saw an eagle fly.  I know there have been many lines written in songs about this, because they are going through my head right now. My favorite singer, as a young girl, John Denver sang, “I know he’d be a poorer man if he never saw an eagle fly.”   I can agree, it was an amazing sight and I do feel richer for the experience.

There is a spot on the Great Sacandaga Lake where you can go by boat and spot an eagle’s nest.  Late yesterday afternoon my hosts took us for a boat tour of the lake.  They were pointing out the nest when one of the eagles appeared overhead and soared on magnificent wings that had beautiful markings on the underside.  The eagle lazily drifted in circles above us, giving us a wonderful view.  Then, just as suddenly, the mate appeared.  The two eagles danced overhead, wings stretched out, swerving over the treetops and back out over the water.  We spectators in the boat sat in awe and enjoyed the show.  This was a sight not many people get to enjoy and we all remarked how lucky we felt.  The eagles’ huge bodies seemed almost small against the massive cloudless blue sky and the towering pines of the shore line.  But we could feel and see the grace in these birds with each down stroke of their wings and the gentle way they glided on the enormous length of their wingspan as the rose and dipped on the air currents.  One of the eagles landed in the expansive nest built into the top branches of a white pine tree.  The other eagle left our view, perhaps in search of food.  We all turned to each other, the thrill of what we had just witnessed still etched on our faces.  “That was amazing.  What a gift to be able to see two eagles flying.”  With that thought still lingering on our faces and in our minds, we turned the boat to head back home, our tour more than completed.


5 thoughts on “Richer

  1. I love watching eagles fly! We are blessed to have a juvenile eagle in our back yard. Thanks for taking me there in again through your beautiful writing. Read about the eagle in the animal sign book (it is all about signs!), it is a powerful symbol.

  2. I was so happy to be a part of the sighting. I truly enjoyed their beauty and watching them was very therapeutic and relaxing.

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