Time for me

I went to sleep last night listening to loons calling.  It is a long call that sounds almost as a flute fluttering through several notes.  The sound echoes over the water and disappears slowly through the mountains.  It is late August in the Adirondacks and that means the weather is cooling.  The air is clear and dry, the nights require a sweatshirt.  One of my favorite times of year.

This summer, like many before it, has slipped through my hands.  When the last weather front came through, knocking back the humidity and dropping the temperature, I knew summer was on its way out, here in upstate New York.  Consequently, I took advantage of a standing invitation and yesterday arrived at The Great Sacandaga Lake in time for a swim before cocktails.

I could tell the water temperature has already begun to drop from its record high of 82 degrees this summer; it was cool but not enough that the swim didn’t feel delightful.  There is something amazing about swimming in a mountain lake.  The water is soft, like swimming through silk, and so clear you can see the bottom and all of the boulders and rocks as you skim across the surface.  Looking up and down the lake, as I swam, I relished the view of the gentle Adirondack Mountains.  Not tall and majestic like the Rockies, but round and comfortable.  Like the arms of a mother.  Growing up, I knew I wanted to live in or near mountains.  And so, my dream has come true.  That is why, I had to do myself this favor and allow the time to come to this lake and slow down, take time to cherish the last fleeting warm days of this summer.  I did not want to look back in the middle of February and think, I didn’t get enough lake time.


3 thoughts on “Time for me

  1. Well said again. I truly enjoyed flying up the lake in the boat with the sun on my face and the wind in my hair. I know it is so cliche but also so true. I miss this.

  2. I have meant to comment on a couple of your posts recently. I am sorry for not doing so. Crafting ones voice is workman like and takes a lot of practice I suspect, but I think that you have arrived. Keep moving forward with your views. Our generation should be preparing to say what is on our minds. We are kind of the last tie to the way things used to be. Good writing though. Good writing

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