A Growing and Learning of Confidence

I love watching the Olympics.  I love the excitement of a good contest.  It is fun to cheer on Team USA.  This year I have been observing their amazing bodies and the control they have over them.  I don’t want to sound like a lecherous old woman, but wow, some of those guys are sporting some pretty amazing six packs.  And the woman are just as astounding.  I was watching a piece on the women’s, (and really can we call them women)gymnastic team.  It showed one girl hanging from the wall doing leg lifts.  I know even in my younger days I could never have accomplished that.

Yet lately, I have found a work out program I like.  Deep Water Aerobics.  I call it the “Old ladies secret workout.”  We do leg lifts, sit ups, jumping jacks, running, cross-country skiing and more all while floating in the deep water of a pool.  Most of us wear a floatation belt, the one lone guy in the class does not.  The first class I tried really kicked my butt.  I was in bed by nine that night.  But I have since recovered and built up my stamina.  I am enjoying the fact I feel better, have more energy and a big plus I have definitely shaped up.

So watching the olympics does give me a new understanding of just how much work these athletes must put in.   I have also come to the conclusion on another thought.  I grew up just as Tittle 9 was beginning.  In fact, I was on my high schools very first girl’s basketball team.  I was recruited by some of the other players because I was tall, not because I could play.  We had a total of five players.  Just enough for a team, no one sitting on the bench to relieve you when you got tired.  We played every game and lost every game.  But, we were playing.

On the other hand my daughters have grown up being athletes.  They played field hockey, ran track, and spent many hours tubing behind our boat.  But their biggest sport was downhill ski racing.  This they did for both their high school and a local mountain.  One observation I had many times as I watched my daughters and their friends, was the control and confidence they had in their bodies.  Sports gave them that.  I believe that the confidence my girls and their friends gained, by relying on their determination to improve or to accomplish a goal boiled over into the confidence they have in life.  It helped them get into the college they wanted, it helped them have the confidence to travel to a distant state to attend, and it helped them stay there.  Of course, sports can’t take all of the credit, but I know it helped.

I know because since I have been working out I feel more confident in myself.  Today, as we stood on one of those styrofoam water tubes and then did exercises our instructor said, “Are you proud of yourselves?  Because you should be, this is difficult.”  And I nodded my head in agreement as the realization settled in.  Yes, I do feel good about being able to do this workout.”  Naturally, I didn’t nod my head too enthusiastically, I didn’t want to throw off my balance.

My mother always said, “You should never stop learning.”  I think today I am learning to be more confident and to realize I am quite a woman.


4 thoughts on “A Growing and Learning of Confidence

  1. That sounds really cool, Posey. I’m glad you recognize how awesome you are. I have been going to a Reformers Pilates class. You should see if they have one in your area. It is the best workout I have ever done. It’s fun, and unlike mat Pilates, it’s easy. Although, I leave every class sweaty and feelin the burn deep in my muscles. I wish I could do more. If you can’t find one near you then you’ll just have to come and visit and join Leanne and I there.

  2. I completely agree! the confidence you gain from exercise is one of the best benefits. running got me out of a bad place in my life, so much that I know I will never stop. Thanks for the post! I was dreading my run this morning but now I’m a little more motivated to get out the door 🙂

  3. You ARE quite a woman! I too was inspired by watching the women’s gymnastics team USA. Not only was I impressed with their control over their beautiful bodies, but also for how supportive they were with each other. They seemed fiercely competitive and yet loving and encouraging with their teammates. I read your post as I was getting on the treadmill this morning. My challenge is doing exercise out of the water; it is the best kept secret.

  4. Well said. I know when I was trying to run earlier this year, running my first mile gave me so much confidence. Then came the metatarsaligia! I will get back to it. Thank you for the reminder and confidence to go on.

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