Purdue and all of it’s Promises

I sit in one of my favorite places on the Purdue University campus.  The balcony off the Union building.  It is only a floor above the sidewalk, but it is a view of campus life.

Today, many people, other than students, are meandering around.  This is graduation weekend 2012.  My daughter Kristen will take the walk across the stage at the Elliot Hall of Music Saturday morning.

As I sit and sip my cinnamon dolce latte, I once again come to the realization.  I love this campus.  It is here I matured and developed into much of the adult I am today. On this campus I felt secure to explore new boundaries; establish new friendships, keeping some forever, others a fleeting moment.  I investigated love and it’s highs of first encounter to the eventual low of break-up.

When I was at Purdue, 1977 through 1981, I lived for three of those years in Windsor Hall, which consists of five separate buildings.  They look like they sound, fashioned after the Windsor Castle of England.  As residents we enjoyed three meals prepared in our small cafeteria and once a week the cleaning staff left fresh sheets for our beds.  I felt the security of home and the adventure of a parent not always looking over my shoulder.

My experiences involved what many students of yesterday and today did.  Parties, dancing, football weekends, basketball games and studying.  I grew on this campus.  The people and even the buildings surrounded me with love.  Today, as I sit and enjoy the beautiful blue sky and the cool morning warming to a perfect spring day; I am once again filled with warmth, happiness and the knowledge that all things are still possible.


One thought on “Purdue and all of it’s Promises

  1. In the words of Dan Fogleberg, ” promises made, promises broken” . The sweetest time of life, wide eyed and open to all things. A clear expression of a complicated time, pulled forward to the present. Good job! Congratulations to Kristen.

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