Spring Cleaning

Today is a beautiful day in upstate NY.  I am spring cleaning, going through closets.  In one closet I found clothing that belonged to my Mom.  I put them there at the end of  last season.  Her closet, where she lived, was very small and so I would change out her clothing as the seasons changed.  So many of these items brought back a memory of when she last wore it.  I found the Roots Olympic hat we bought her.  She always looked so cute and proud of herself when it sat jauntily on her head.  There was her beautiful camel-hair coat.  I remember when my father bought her that, so many years ago.  She always wore it with pride.   And the light blue cardigan I remember my father wearing.  When he passed Mom began to wear it.  In her later years I think it gave her comfort.  I gave some of the items to family members, I kept the hat.

In my oldest daughter’s closet I found all of her mementos that she had saved.  She has since moved into her own apartment.  These are the treasures left behind.  Ski racing trophies, prom dresses, pictures.  I know I can not decide what to do with these memories so I will leave them for her to go through.  But, I spent some time reflecting on the little girl now grown to a young woman.  Part of me misses those days, when she was always by my side.  But, then I realize what I truly wanted for her has been achieved.  She has grown from my arms and moved out into the world.  She has become the amazing person I dreamt of her being.

In my youngest daughter’s closet I found similar articles.  Trophies, prom dresses.  But since she has not officially moved out of our house, she has left behind items she still needs.  This weekend she graduates from Purdue University.  How did four years go by so quickly?  I know she is itching to find her own place.  I don’t blame her, I remember trying to move back with my parents during summer breaks, it wasn’t easy.  Because she has become independent and self sufficient, she doesn’t need my guidance everyday.  I see in her the courage and ambition to find a career and make a life from underneath my wing.  I encourage her to go.  But I will miss her.


4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Lots of changing in your life! Cleaning closets is a good way to reflect on all of the changes!

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