Moving Day

No matter how we tried to approach it, today, October 11, 2007, was going to be a bad day.  Today, Roxann and I were moving our mother to an assisted living home for dementia patients………

 Finally, the night before move-in day, Roxann and I felt we had to confess.  We sat with Mom and held her hands while we told her our plan.

“Mom, you have mentioned on more than one occasion, that you are worried about the burden you are putting on Posey and her family.  They, in turn, have honestly replied, they asked you to live with them because they felt it was a good move for everyone.  But, things have changed.   The physical work of helping you bathe and dress and move from one floor to another in Posey’s house is becoming too difficult.”

Tears filled our eyes as we saw the realization of what was coming, form on Mom’s face.


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