I believe in Angels.  This is recent it wasn’t always so.  I believe angels come in all forms and they are around us every day.   Some angels live in another realm unknown to us.  These celestial beings listen to our pleas for help and answer them.  Sometimes we cannot understand the help that is sent, but all prayers do receive an answer.

Other angels live here on earth with us.   I call them Earth Angels.  These angels come in the form of ordinary people, but they perform miracles big and small.  Many people are earth angels, your sister or neighbor, even a stranger.

An earth angel is the patient person who takes the time to open a door for the mother struggling with a stroller.  They are the friend who puts a comforting hand on your sagging shoulder, or the parent who hugs the disobedient child struggling with exerting his independence.    An earth angel is the person in the long line of unknown faces who smiles at you just when you are at your lowest.  They are the friend who stays up with you all night comforting you as you cry.

Earth angels also have more authoritative jobs.  It is the nurse who sympathizes with your struggle to watch a loved one in pain, the one that takes the time to listen. Sometimes earth angels are the cocky surgeon who has trouble relating to his patients, but saves lives.  They are the judge who offers help, instead of imprisonment, to the confused youth.

Earth angels are not always angelic.  They are human; some days are good, some bad.  What makes an earth angel special is that they hear a call for help and act on it, at the moment it is needed. They will see the ache in your heart and give comfort.  An earth angel will tell you funny stories when you need to laugh, they will cry with you when you are unhappy.   I have witnessed many earth angels.  You will see them too, if you look for them.

I have a sister with an incurable cancer.  My sister is doing well, and like most cancer patients working hard to stay healthy, so that when a cure does come she will be ready.  She believes that cure will come from an earth angel who listened to a need and discovered the answer. One sent here to earth to perform that miracle.

It may sound odd, but my sister is an earth angel to me, even though she is the one struggling with cancer.  She taught me to be generous and to walk the world with kindness.  It is through her I came to realize that all people are fighting some battle in their lives.  Some are big like cancer, others may be small, perhaps an argument with a spouse.  It does not matter the size, it is still disturbing to that person and bears down with a heavy weight.   Most of these struggles are not obvious to the casual observer, but they can make a day seem agonizingly long.   It only takes one small act of kindness from one person to ease pain and turn a bad day into one with hope. My sister taught me this.  I see her practice earth angel kindness almost every day.  She knows what it is like to wage a battle, to wake up in the morning and start the fight again.  Yet, she reaches out to others and even with just a smile or a kind touch calms the desperation in their eyes.  It is a small amount of comfort, but enough.


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