A Life Well Spent

It took a few more weeks for the FBI background checks to go through and for final approval.  Corki took office during March of 2001.   She served her constituents until the election of 2003.    On the bench, she once again sought to help those struggling with the overwhelming realities of life.  She now served sentences on those down trodden citizens she had spent her adult life helping.  She often found it difficult to pass judgment on plaintives for not paying their rent.  When questioned as to why they had not done so, they explained,

“We can’t afford to pay for our medical expenses and rent, sometimes we have to make a choice.”

Many times she offered the choice of a job or jail time, and then helped those you were interested find a job.

Corki ran with the Democratic ticket, but lost her bid for re-election.  Once Corki lost, her children began to notice a change in her.  We struggled to help her from our distant homes.  Roxann and I, on numerous occasions, flew in from out of state, at times together, others separately.  We took her to doctor appointments, we cleaned her house, stocked the refrigerator and cupboards.   We hired help to come in, which Corki promptly fired.  Her children, on more than one occasion tried to convince her to move into one of her their homes.  Always, we were told:

“I am not leaving this house, unless it is feet first.”

Her friends from bridge group and her book club became concerned.  Corki, when asked, always maintained that she was doing fine.  But a little over five years after the death of Joe, her husband of over 50 years and my father, I flew to Wabash, Indiana and drove Corki back to New York to live with me.


2 thoughts on “A Life Well Spent

  1. Posey, your mom was such an inspiration to me. She supported me when I first ran for council and gave such good advice. I also really enjoyed our time in Round Table ( her book club) together. She was such an amazing, strong woman.


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