Summer, Fall Woes

It is laundry day. A chore I tackle in my household about once a week. Usually, by Thursday, I am in need of clean clothing. Besides, I hate going into the weekend with nothing to wear.

As I walked into my laundry room, a space in the basement converted for this purpose. I found the clothing I had hung to dry just a few short days ago. I looked at the garments hanging there and chuckled. Today I am in a lightweight sweater and jeans as I sit outside writing this essay. Apparently, less than a week before I was still in full summer mode. Here were my bathing suits and cover-ups, my sleeveless tops, my short skirts. And, I distinctly remember being too warm wearing these items. I wondered, why is it, at least here in the northeast that summer so quickly jumps to fall? This year, as many in the past, one day it was eighty something degrees, the next the temperature struggled to get out of the sixties. Our nights have quickly grown cold. In fact, frost watches are up for the northern part of my county. What is up with that?

I find the problem with such a dramatic change in temperature is that my closets, drawers and shoe bins are now cluttered with too many items. I’m afraid to put the summer weather gear away, in case it should warm up again. Still, when it is only forty-eight as I get dressed in the morning, I am hard pressed to put on shorts and a pair of sandals. Consequently, I try to squeeze two seasons of clothing into my storage areas.

It seems to me that summer should slowly fade out. So that by the time you realize it is fall you have gradually become accustomed to cooler temperatures. This would give me time to sort through my fall clothing, deciding what to save or give away. I could nicely store my summer wear, knowing I would not need to drag it out again until late spring. Clutter would not be the name of the game, spilling out overstuffed drawers, struggling to find an empty hanger in a closet that has no more space. I realize these are all very trivial problems. However, still thoughts that crossed my mind today as I sit here in the sun, suddenly feeling too warm for the outfit I have on.


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