The Snowman Contingent

???????? As anyone that has read some of my blogs will know, I like snow. This in turn leads to my love of snowmen. During the winter I have assorted displays of the 3 globes of frozen precipitation decorating my home. They add whimsy to the dark days of the coldest months.
Every year, the day after Thanksgiving, my family follows our tradition and cuts down a Christmas Tree. We trim the tree that afternoon and then over the course of the next day or so I finish decorating the rest of the house. Come sometime in mid-January I take down all of the Christmas embellishments. But, I leave out all of the snowmen; after all it is still very much winter at that time of year here in upstate New York. It brings me pleasure to drink coffee in the morning out of my varied winter themed mugs and the snowmen seem to smile at me as I watch the Weather Channel anticipating winter storms. I have the superstition that my frozen friends help deliver a sunny but snowy winter. Consequently, I like having them around the house.
But, the time has come to dismantle the snowman displays. As I type this I can hear the wind rumbling up against my house and watch as it causes small branches to fall from the trees. The temperature today has not even reached the freezing level. Despite this, I am officially calling snowman season over.
It is March and even though spring here can actually be defined as mud season and certainly not enjoyable, I think it is time to move on. Skiing will continue for a few more weekends as there is still snow at Gore Mountain. But, there is no white stuff left in my yard and besides, I am ready for some color. Perhaps, if I drag out my spring décor I will encourage the warmer temperatures to come our way and we will begin to see the crocuses, daffodils and tulips in bloom.
So it is goodbye snowmen, see you next winter.


3 thoughts on “The Snowman Contingent

  1. Love it! Perfect. My snowmen are put away before St. Patrick’s Day so I can splash some green around the house to celebrate the holiday and welcome Spring. Looks like you are just ahead of me this year!

  2. I still have my Winterberry dinner service out and the sled with the snowman is still on the front porch. I decided a few years ago to switch the plates after Thanksgiving with my everyday ones and use them all winter instead of just at Christmas time. However, I too feel it is time to change them back and put the sled away until next year. (Even though there have been some flakes today) However, I am not putting the snowblower away just yet!

  3. This is a great story about seasonal changes and how we look at them. I had already selected today for putting the joyful display of snowmen on my back deck (the lone hold out from my holiday decorating) back into its box. But then, last night we had a mini-snowpocalyse blow through and they look happy covered in fresh white. Maybe I’ll wait until Easter weekend to do it!

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