Suprise Snowfall

????????The other day, as I heard birds chirping away and felt a small sliver on sun on my shoulders, I thought, I’m ready for spring. Then the super storm swept across the country and I was sad because here in my little neck of the woods we weren’t supposed to get any snow. I felt cheated. Yet, yesterday afternoon, as I was teaching a class, I looked up to see snowflakes dancing through the air. I felt myself smile.
I have this total love for snow. Upon my arrival home I sat in a comfy chair and watched tiny snowflakes fall and slowly but diligently cover the brown of winter, encasing the earth in pristine white. Later that evening, returning from dinner out, I put on the high beams so that I could see the snowflakes as the hood of my car pressed through the white haze of miniscule flakes made one by their number. I smiled a huge grin to see one of my favorite sights. Pine trees flocked with poufs of snow; a dramatic showing of the beautiful contrast of colors in nature; light against dark. This night, the snow was heavy and clung to each branch of the oaks and maples that surround my house showing off the intricate branches of the trees. I stood in the drive a few minutes and let the snowflakes tickle my face as they ever so gently fell in their winter silence to the ground.
Finally, this morning as the snow continued to fall, leaving us with enough depth to cause a two hour school delay, I sat with my coffee and enjoyed the beauty of the day breaking on trees laden with their burden. Early spring birds flitting from one branch to the other trying to figure out what is going on. This snowfall will not last long. The weather, very soon, is supposed to turn warm enough to melt it. I am trying to take in all of the sights I can. I want to hold this winter scene with me as the seasons begin to change. I know in upstate New York, this may not be our last snowfall. But, this is certainly one of the most beautiful.


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