The Sound of Laughter

I have often found it interesting that an event, which at the time seems small, remains a big part of your life for years to come. I remember being home from college one vacation. I was playing cards with my sisters and friends. We were creating quite a ruckus with our laughter. At one point, I walked into the kitchen where my mother was cleaning up our mess from dinner. She looked at me and said,
“I love hearing you girls laugh. It brings me such joy.”
I smiled and nodded, maybe even gave her a hug; that would have been nice. But, it wasn’t until years later, with children of my own, that I fully understood my mother’s comment.
I too, love the sound of laughter. The melody of it can lift the lowest heart. One of the first times I recalled my mother’s words was on a camping trip. Our family often camps on the Island’s of Lake George in upstate New York. Most of the sites are very private, some sites you get a small island all to yourself. Yet, on a quiet night, as you sit around the campfire, laughter can be heard. It floats across the water, coming into your campsite like the notes of a beautiful song. I never mind the intrusion because the laughter is an indication of the joy surrounding us.
One of my favorite endeavors is when friends and family gather around the dinner table. It fills my heart with gladness to sit back and spend a few minutes listening to the conversation and joy taking place. I search out the smiles on the faces of those sitting with me. I always feel a wave of accomplishment wash over me and I congratulate myself for pulling all of these people together. I have created a night where worries and troubles are forgotten for just a few hours; an evening where fun is the only solution to the weary tribe around me.
Most recently I was reminded of my mother’s words over the past weekend. Word had gone out, on every news and weather channel, that a major snow storm was headed for the east coast. Consequently, the skiers among us felt compelled to make a mad dash for the house we had rented for the season near Gore Mountain. After our large multi-generational crowd had dinner the parents settled into the couches and the younger set crowded around the table to play games. As I sat there with my friends the laughter began to rise from the table. Suddenly, I was my mother. The sound of their giggles brought a thrill to my heart. I now fully understood the comment she had made all those years ago as she heard the laughter of her children. I, in turn, felt that same joy as I heard the laughter coming from my daughter and her friends.
My mother’s feelings coming full circle.


6 thoughts on “The Sound of Laughter

  1. Joy! I too love the sound of laughter. I love to hear my children’s laughter but after this trying year, the sound of laughter I love to hear most is from me! Another good one, Posey!

  2. I remember Mom telling me that she enjoyed watching the David Letterman show with you because she loved to hear your laugh. And I agree; your laugh is pure joy. When you were here with me after my transplant, I would hear your laughter and light up inside, suddenly everything seemed possible. I started watching the TV show, Modern Family, just to remember how we laughed when we watched it together. Very powerful thoughts and lovely sentiments and magical writing, dear sistuh! (edited version!)

  3. Posey great story! I have three girls and know exactly how your Mother felt. When we were all together at Christmas their laughter was better than any gift I could have received. You just made me miss all of them and made me teary eyed. Thanks for the reminder! Think we might have to conference skype tonight.

  4. You capture perfectly a moment we have all (hopefully) experienced with family and/or friends. And after hearing you laugh last night in the midst of friends, I think I know exactly what your mom meant about your laughter!

  5. Someone said “child is the father to man”. I think you express this well. Full circle, we become the best of who our parents were, appreciate those values instilled within us.

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