Winter And All Of It’s Glory

I love winter When I walk outside, I am exhilarated by the wallop of the cold air on my face, and in my lungs.  I want to breathe deeply.  My skin tingles.   It brings me to life.

There are days in winter when the sky is a luminous blue. Your eyes are entranced by the contrast between the snow-covered pine trees, with hints of green, thrown up against a brilliant sapphire blue.  Ride a ski lift on a frigid, sunny day and take a look for yourself.   You will be awed by the magic of it.

As I child I anticipated winter.  Spring was fine, but summer was too hot.  Fall was getting better, cool days, brisk nights.  The tree leaves changing into their fall royalty.  But, every year I would pray for snow on my birthday.  Never realizing this would be a difficult task for mother earth, as my birthday is in October.

At an early age I watched the Olympic ski racers and my heart pounded.  I knew I had to try that sport.     I fantasized about the adventure of skiing.  I wanted to be on the slopes all day and feel the cold wind burn my face as I carved turns through the stately pines.  After an exhausting day, I pictured myself sitting beside a roaring fire, dressed in a trendy ski sweater, laughing with friends.  Who wouldn’t love that?

I anticipate snowstorms like a school age kid. I know the snow dance by heart. I religiously follow the Weather Channel, and feel I personally know Jim Cantore.  It is thrilling to me, when he is seen in Albany, NY, predicting a storm.  That means our part of the country will be blessed with the big one.    You will not see me running to the grocery in panic before a storm.  However, I will make sure I am stocked up on hot chocolate.  That way when I come in from my heady tromp through the snow, I can melt by the fire and enjoy a nice steaming cup.

To me there is nothing more beautiful than the world after a snowfall.  Everything is so clean and brilliant, like starched white shirts.  I am mesmerized when I see a big field stretched out in its blanket of snow.  It sparkles with diamonds in the sun.   The snow covered earth runs right up to the trees and helps display their leafless branches.  The branches reach out like arms and twist into wonderful shapes.  It is quite a beautiful art form.  Something you will not have the opportunity to enjoy in the summer.

When it is cold enough the ponds and lakes, even the rivers freeze over.   It is rare but there is nothing more enthralling than to see water frozen as it made its way down over the fall.  It is motion, literally frozen in time.  I know, to love winter and its beauty is not for all.  But, this year take a walk and you too may come to realize the wonder of winter.


One thought on “Winter And All Of It’s Glory

  1. Woke to a winter wonderland this morning. There is a sacred stillness, a place of peace that comes with the snow. I am in wonder and awe. Thanks for sharing, dear sister.

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