We All Need to Contribute

I watched parts of the Republican Convention, and I am watching the Democratic Convention this week.  As a woman, it seems to me; both parties are working hard to get my vote.  In my opinion, that is a good thing.  Women of this country have the capability to make change.  We are lucky to live in the United States where that statement can be true.  Yet, many times, as the caretakers of our families we get so caught up in managing our own concerns we forget to notice what is taking place in the country and world around us.  Many of the decisions that will be made in the coming years will affect how we live.   The decisions will also affect how our children will live.  Consequently, the women of this country need to stand up and take control of the political environment.  If the parties are going to work hard for our vote, then we need them to work for us.  The issues we find to be the most important, should become front and center in the political debate.  And, men should not be the only ones in that debate.

Many times when I talk with younger women, I hear an unrecognized understanding of how close they are to the change that has recently taken place for our gender.    20 and 30 something’s never lived in a time when Title 9 wasn’t there for them.  They don’t fully comprehend what a glass ceiling is.  The idea of deciding a major for college based on your interests is natural for them.  They did not need to take into account that there were careers not meant for a woman.    I am thankful our daughters can have these thoughts.  But, we must not let our hard won victories come undone by complacency.

Today, I am asking all women, young, middle-aged or old to take notice of what is going on in our country, politically.  Take a stand, voice your opinions; if not to neighbors and friends, then with support of the candidate of your choice.  Women are often the catalyst for growth in their families, take that initiative one step further and work for growth in our country.  Even if that means just voting.


3 thoughts on “We All Need to Contribute

  1. Amen! I agree that the young women of today take so much for granted. There is no place for complacency today. Voting is a must, as well as contributing funds and working for those candidates who support women and our issues. Another great commentary.

  2. Couldn’t agree more!! Great post today! Women every where need to get fired up, take a stand and get out and speak loudly…they are listening!

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