Blogging, twitter, FB

Over the past week I have been working, along with help from my niece, on getting myself out there. So here I am blogging on my own website. I find it all very exciting and cool, if I may say that.
Twitter is an amazing place. I’m amazed at how much others put out there for strangers to read. But, I have to say I could easily spend hours reading other peoples twitters.
All that aside, my plan for this site it to hopefully draw more people into the reality of my writing. On this page I intend to put more info and some of my essays. I am trying to get my voice out to the world with the technology.
Bear with me, I am new to this, but the learning is an adventure.



4 thoughts on “Blogging, twitter, FB

  1. Rosemary just found your page. I am catching up on all of your writings. Good for you I am really enjoying them and feel like I have found an old friend! Please continue.

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